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I have a leak in ceiling, who to call for this problem?

leak in ceilingWater leakage from the ceiling, an emergency that is often not anticipated by individuals. When ceiling leaks occur, they shouldn’t be ignored. If droplets or even damp soft water spots appear on the surface, take immediate action. When left untreated, ceiling water damage can lead to mold and structural damage, making the space unsafe to occupy.

How to stop ceiling water damage from getting worse and when to call in the pros to fix ceiling leaks?


Step 1: Find the leak’s source.

Before you make calls, figure out where the leak came from. This will assist you in determining which professional you should contact. Here are some of the sources:

Roof Damage: If the leak appears after a rainstorm or snow melt, it is highly probable that it emanates from your roof.

Plumbing Issues: Persistent or sudden leaks could be due to faulty plumbing, such as leaking pipes or fixtures.

HVAC Systems: Sometimes, condensation from heating and cooling systems can cause ceiling leaks.

Step 2: Take immediate action for leak in ceiling 

While you’re waiting for help, do these things right away to prevent damage.

Contain the Leak: To stop the leak, place buckets or other containers under the leak to catch the dripping water.
Dry the Area: You can start drying the area by using towels, or dehumidifiers.
Document the Damage: Take pictures and write down the damage for insurance purposes.

Step 3: Call the right professional for leak in ceiling 

Depending on where the leak came from, you need to contact a professional. Here’s who you call based on the suspected cause:


When to Call: If you believe the leak is due to plumbing issues, such as leaking pipes or fixtures.
What They Do: Plumbers can locate the source of the leak and repair or replace faulty plumbing components.

Water Damage Restoration Specialist

When to Call: If the leak has caused significant water damage.
What They Do: These specialists handle water extraction, drying, and mold remediation to restore your home.

Emergency Measures

In case of severe leaks, consider these emergency measures:

Turn Off the Water Supply: If you suspect the leak is from plumbing, shutting off the main water supply can prevent further damage.
Temporary Roof Covering: For roof leaks, use a tarp to cover the affected area temporarily until a professional can repair it.

How to prevent future leaks?

Once the problem is fixed, take steps to prevent leaks in the future:

Regular Inspections: Schedule regular inspections of your roof and plumbing systems.
Maintenance: Take care of your gutters and check for signs of wear and tear.
Upgrades: Upgrade your plumbing or roofing materials to make the durable.

To sum up, a ceiling leak can be a difficult problem, but knowing who to call can help. Whether it’s a plumber or someone who can fix water damage, the right person can fix the issue quickly and effectively. By taking action right away and taking preventive steps, you can protect your home from future leaks and water damage.

Remember to act quickly to prevent damage and keep your home safe. If in any doubt, do not hesitate to contact the emergency services 24h to address your ceiling leak. Call us!

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